Kamigami no Asobi gods


sailor moon by FLAFLY


i don’t even know why i did this, i just like transparent things

I really wish the birthday things had been straps, even though they would have been exclusive…

Wearing their traditional blue, these national-level veterans have come from the highly competitive Kanagawa prefecture! They had flawless offense and defense before, but now they’ve added a member of the Generation of Miracles, Ryōta Kise, to become a truly perfect team!! The Blue Elites, Kaijō High School!!

« When he isn’t playing basketball, he’s a kid with a screw loose. Occasionally you’ll find athletes like him…a genius in one area, and totally inept at anything else. »

requested by harribeltier


Saix (KHII) || Kingdom Hearts, where is my heart? “I’m still broken inside.”


"What’s wrong with ‘king’? It’s cool. I think it suits you perfectly, ‘king.’”

"You win. That’s great, Rin."
"That’s great…?"


うた腐リ いろいろ by テュフ.

I have no confidence in controlling my flames. ‘Till today I still think I can rely on my momentum to solve everything… but it seems like it’s impossible. 
Maybe I should just die like this.”

Happy Easter everyone!