Arakita in GRANDE ROAD Episode 1

"There’s not much room, but make yourself at home."
How's that? That's starting to feel good, doesn't it?




here are all my #ywpd_69min  twitter  prompts so far in no particular order! Doing these are so fun I LOVE YOWAPEDA FANDOM THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME

i already posted some of them but here they all are on one giant post

i didnt wanna make it super long so please the images thru lmao

So choose me. If a stubborn asshole like you is gonna be in love with someone, I’m way better suited for you than anyone else. I’ve got a kid—but I think that’s a plus, personally. And she happens to like you, so it all works out, right? - Kirishima Zen ”

Miss. Honey was a wonderful teacher and a friend to everyone.  But her life was not as simple and as beautiful as it seemed. Miss. Honey had a deep dark secret. Though it caused her great pain, she did not let it interfere with her teaching.”


My Kirby Snapshots - All Character Forms (minus Mii Fighter) 

I’m like Icarus, whose wings melted before he could fuck the sun.

Mikorin: Stop! Follow the script properly!!