Mamoru Maiyano appreciation post.

Here there are not all the characters he voiced but the ones I liked the most.


songs of supernatural (insp)

i want to change myself here

If you’re the king that rules the court, I’ll have to defeat you and I’ll be the last one standing. I promise I’ll defeat you. Even if takes me ten years, or twenty years, I will.


❝ I caught a whopper. Look. ❞

I don’t care about what’s the right argument or whatever right now. What I want is to defeat you. I’m not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play basketball with logic. Kise Ryouta 
Sensei  (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤


Aoi Shouta

Exactly just how tall are these high school basketball boys?


"A Let’s Play is a recorded video documenting a playthrough of a video game, usually including commentary by the gamer. An LP differs from a walkthrough or strategy guide by focusing on an individual’s subjective experience with the game, often with humorous, irreverent, or even critical commentary from the gamer, rather than being an objective source of information on how to progress through the game.”

Nozaki you dork.