I already wiped the floor with you! The only opponent left is Ushijima!!
So BEHAVE yourself this time Tobio-chan!! -
rinharu    +     end cards


Harurinralia ; the pull of tomorrow, the pull of hope

Because it’s this place, because it’s you, these feelings are sincere
In the future, we will show that with our smiles I feel so
In the same water that we swim through now,
something strong like absolute conviction conveys,
more than dreams ever will, the pull of hope

- Happy birthday, pushpulldynamics!  ♥

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 PV || Are you ready?

Castiel in Reichenbach - 10x02

The Boys Of Samezuka Swimming Team! 

Silent Hills, welcome!

Dedicated to lovinmesomeriku
Sorry it took so long!!

Dork Nozaki
W A K A S A - Orenchi no Furo Jijou ep. 02


"I’ve started to ship this because of you"