Once upon a time, Lauren was trading on the Global Trading Negotiations (sensing a pattern here?) and she came across a trainer who was in search of a Machoke. Now, Lauren had one but she had planned to keep it so she could evolve it into a Machamp, however she knew she could get another one easily so she offered it to the trainer. The trainer began offering her some very high level Pokemon, a few Legendaries and this and that, most of which Lauren already had. 

Suddenly, without warning, the trainer offered Lauren a level 100 shiny Ninetales. Okay, so cue Lauren freaking out. Ninetales or at least a shiny Vulpix, was one of the Pokemon that Lauren was looking for and there one was…at the small price of a Machoke. However, she was getting worried - trades like this normally ended in a disconnection from the other side. She was getting used to this.  She offered the level 28 Machoke and crossed her fingers and before she knew it, she was watching the Ninetales arrive into her game and she tried very hard not to flail.

Didn’t work. She spazzed out like a loser.

She did a lot of shiny trading today. Lauren said goodbye to  her shiny Linoone and shiny Stunktank, as well as Registeel, and said hello to her newest shiny Pokemon; Froslass, Tauros and Scizor.  Froslass is staying with Lauren, she thinks, because Froslass is one of her favorites. She also did end up getting a Thundurus and a Moltres but her attention is mostly on her new Ninetales.

And now she’s wondering what kind of
luck she has to keep getting these amazing Pokemon. She doesn’t know…not at all.

The End.

I said I’d stop these stupid stories. Jesus, take the wheel.

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  1. elyseexplosion said: Girl if you could get me a shiny Sableye I might crap myself. You seem to be having ballin’ luck with it!
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