The Generation of Miracles  is an all-star team of Teikō Junior High. It is a team of 5 (arguably 6) players, each with their own exceptional talent. 

Title: gordon ramsay



While I don’t agree with all of the things Fujimaki has done in regards to Kuroko no Basket, I am sad to see it over. Kuroko no Basket has become very important to me and is one of my favorite animes in the entire world. It’s brought me closer to my friends and it’s made me spend so much money on adorable merchandise

I do not like some things Fujimaki did with the characters, with the story, but Kuroko no Basket is still important to me. 


 Kuroko No Basuke: Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as "The Generation of Miracles ", and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that he is a better player. When he joins the high school basketball team, everyone is surprised to find out that he is small, weak, and easy to miss. What is the secret that makes him so strong, and how will he help his high school team? 

"Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh."



H A N D A   S E I S H U U


The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays